Read Jewish Image Magazine Online – April 2014

Dear Readers,

April has arrived and Passover is quickly approaching. Before you know it, we’ll be preparing our Seder meals. To spice up this holiday’s fare, we have many pages of delicious recipes for you to peruse. Sarina Roffe shared a few of her favorites, as did Chef Yochanan Lambiase, who also offered several tips to make this Passover go smoothly. We also have recipes from around the world, including M’Joki, a Tunisian stew of lamb and vegetables, Megina, Middle Eastern matzah pies and a classic cake recipe from Istanbul, plus many other exotic dishes. Also for Passover, we have fun crafts for you to do with your children. Spend quality time together while making a beautiful Seder plate or matzah cover.

Passover Crafts: A Great Way To Spend Fun, Quality Time with Your Children

Passover is approaching and our kids will be off from school for vacation. While it’s fun to play games with them to keep them happy and entertained, doing crafts with them is not only fun, but educational as well. Whether you would like to make decorative Afikomen covers for your Seder or a Seder plate your kids will be proud to have on the table, there’s something for everyone. Here are a few ideas for fun crafts projects that will keep your children happy and busy, while you spend quality time with them.

Medical Updates April 2014

Pancreatic Cancer Research

New research, by investigators at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel, is pointing towards development of new treatment for pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly and difficult cancers to manage successfully. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 45,220 new cases were diagnosed in the US in 2013 and about 38,460 people died from the disease.

The Power of Hesed at SEAD

SEAD Volunteers Prepared and Sold 2,300 Purim Packages In 2 Weeks. Being at the helm of SEAD for over 13 years now, I can tell you that it’s not always easy getting people involved. But, every now and then something amazing happens that reminds me how good people can be. It all started one night when Steve Shalom, who is now my partner in this wonderful institution, and Doris Dwek helped organize a meeting of community members in Deal interested in joining our mission. The meeting was a huge success and that night, many volunteers came forward.

Renewal Can Help You Save A Life

In just a few weeks, I will reach a new milestone—1,000 dialysis treatments—that I have endured over the past six years. One thousand days taken away from me. At four hours per day, that’s 4,000 hours of being tethered to a machine that keeps me alive but also drains me and saps every morsel of energy from my body.

Declaring Peace with Emotional Eating: All About Bulimia

In 1914, the first chronicle of a bulimic woman, Ellen West, was published. Her poignant description of her bulimia rings true one century later: “My life is filled with dread,” she said. “Dread of eating, dread of hunger, dread of the dread.” Bulimia nervosa is both a biological and emotional illness. Some bulimics are fat and some are thin; some binge and purge; some starve along with bingeing and purging; others purge without bingeing. Some spit out the food before they swallow. Some swallow, bring up the food, and re-swallow repeatedly. Some use laxatives or diuretics. Some cut themselves. Some exercise compulsively and some take drugs or drink alcoholically.

Rabbi Alan Berkowitz Is Settling In At The Helm of Magen David Yeshivah Elementary School

For most of the 1,600 students in Magen David Yeshivah’s Elementary School (MDYES), one of the first greetings they receive each morning is a smiling and warm welcome from their new Principal, Rabbi Alan Berkowitz. And the comment that causes them to chuckle as they leave at the end of the day is his question, “Who’s coming back tomorrow?”

De La Rosa Real Food Products, Putting Soul Back Into Foods

There is new awareness emerging in the Jewish community regarding food, especially amongst wise women. “Let’s be healthy, whilst we are strictly kosher,”—this is the guiding light of De La Rosa Real Foods, whose mission is to Put “Soul” Back Into Food.

Congregation Shaare Shalom’s Annual Purim Party

Congregation Shaare Shalom recently held their Annual Purim Party in celebration of the joyous holiday. Members of the congregation, young and old, came to celebrate. The family atmosphere generated by the congregants and the hard work of the committee led to the success of the evening.

Students In Israel Fear for Family and Friends In Ukraine

Although the violent unrest which has gripped the Ukraine is over 1,300 miles from Jerusalem, 25 Ukrainian-born teenagers living and studying in Boys Town Jerusalem are in a constant state of apprehension for the families they left behind there. “We’re offering psychological assistance for students in need, and standing by to assist any relatives who may choose to flee to Israel,” said Rabbi David Ben Zimra, head of Boys Town’s OhrDessa (Russian-language program for students).