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Chabad’s Jewish General Store on Wheels at the Gaza Border

Soldiers around the mitzvah tank receiving snacks

Soldiers around the mitzvah tank receiving snacks

When we see someone offer to help a senior with packages or pick up a fallen child and caress him, we feel good because we sense that is how things should be—this is what humanity is all about.
I have seen young men dedicate themselves to the soldiers of the IDF. Their guiding principles being: it’s all about the other guy, whatever the soldier needs, I am here. If he needs a cold drink, a hot drink, a snack; if he needs to talk or he needs someone to listen, or he wants to put on tefilin, or perhaps to dance, that is why I am here.

Talking Matters – Have You Had “That” Conversation with Your Children?

sbh logoIt’s back to school time, and as parents we have a lot to accomplish.

Uniforms –
School Supplies –
Toilet Training –
Doctor, Well Visit –
Talking Matters Parent Education Workshop

Most of you are probably wondering, “What is it? Why haven’t I heard about this before? Is it a school requirement?” The answer is no, it is not a school requirement but a parenting requirement.
As we raise our children we go to all kinds of parenting classes to learn about instilling self-confidence, discipline (1-2-3 Magic!), how to deal with teenagers, etc. We want to be the best parents we can be! At the same time, we protect them by teaching them about safety. Every parent knows to say to their children, “Don’t go in the street,” “Don’t talk to strangers,” “Wear a helmet.”

Dealing with Unfair Criticism at Work

hpThe definition of criticism, according to Mr. Webster, is the act of expressing disapproval and of noting the faults of a person. There are two types of criticism: valid and unjustified.

The Broad and Narrow Views of Reading

globeI recently read a series of interesting and important articles, in the Journal of Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools. The focus of the articles was the struggles children continue to have with reading. A concerning point, brought out in the research was that three out of four children who have significant difficulty reading in 3rd grade will continue to have challenges with reading in 9th grade. We just can’t seem to solve the problem of reading failure. Since reading is part of every subject area, including problem solving for math, being a weak reader has a strong negative impact on overall school success. The fundamental problem, according to Alan G. Kamhi, Speech/Language Pathologist, is that we have been evaluating reading performance from a “broad view of reading.”

Which Color Is Right for You?

makeup2Your Hair Color and Skin Tone Determine – Which Color Is Right for You?

Stand in front of any makeup counter and you will see that there are hundreds of lip, eye and nail colors. If you are in a department store there may be thousands of colors. How do you know which one is right for you? What you choose can make a drastic difference in your skin tone and your overall appearance. A shade that is wrong for you can make you look pale and washed out. On mature skin it can highlight wrinkles and age you 10 years. Knowing how to choose the right hues is vital for you to look your best.

Choosing the Right Backpack Tips from Maimonides Hospital

hpIf you haven’t already purchased a new backpack for your child, Dr. Mara Karamitopoulos, Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist at The Maimonides Bone and Joint Center, has some sage advice—buying the proper size is crucial.

Back to School Sanity

smile-girlThe back-to-school season is, for all intents and purposes, a period of pure parental mayhem. From tracking down the coolest Batman or Barbie backpack on the block to searching out an elusive five subject, wide-ruled, perforated spiral notebook for Hebrew class, our to-do lists seem virtually endless.

School Bus Safety

hp-school-bus-safetyIt has been over a year since Senator Felder passed legislation that provides school buses to yeshivah children in kindergarten through 6th grade, who remain in school after 4 pm. More students are taking school buses than ever before. Therefore, it’s important to discuss school bus safety with your children. Here are some good rules for them to follow.

My Bucket List

img_04391We all have a mental inventory of dreams and experiences that we’d like to see accomplished before we “kick the bucket,” thus it has become known as a bucket list. For some, it consists of foreign exotic islands to be visited and daredevil antics like skydiving and race cars. For others, it means more practical choices like buying a summer home or getting married.
I believe that we should all have them written down and should refer to them periodically, as they keep our thirst for life alive. These hopes, dreams, and challenges can keep us content about our present, while keeping us excited about our future. And the feeling of accomplishment is unmatched when we are able to cross some of the items off our list.

Israel Is My Diamond – It Captures My Soul

HPLike a diamond, the State of Israel has many facets. It’s a Jewish nation with many different types of people. A motivated country is similar to a motivated person—its spirit can overcome the most difficult of tasks. We have seen Israel make a Garden of Eden out of a desert. We have witnessed a diverse society overcome many difficulties.