Napping – Good or Bad?

sleepy-driverI remember vividly being in kindergarten and having nap time. When my teacher announced this lovely time of day, we would go to our little cubbies, get our blankets and mats, lay the mats out on the floor and lie down on them. I have no idea how long those nap periods lasted, but they were wonderful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have nap time at work?

Enabling or Disabling?

Untitled-2You’ve likely heard the terms enabling and enabler, but may not know exactly what they mean.
While these words may be used in many contexts, they are most often used when speaking of one’s relationship with someone who is battling an addiction.

Mosquitoes Are Spreading A New Virus

mosquitoChikungunya (pronounced chik-en-gun-ye) virus is a new infection spread by mosquitoes. There have been 28 cases brought into the United States by travelers from 17 countries—mainly the Caribbean—where more than 103,000 people have been infected since last fall.

Declaring Peace with Emotional Eating

eat1The “Benefit” of an Eating Disorder

I went to a Thanksgiving dinner party last year. One guest had Parkinson’s, one had breast cancer, one had kidney failure, one was a widow, and the mother of the hostess had Alzheimer’s. I was afraid of the sadness I anticipated feeling. And I knew this sadness would be compounded by the deep grief that my parents—with whom I spent many loving and joyful Thanksgivings—are dead and gone and never coming back.

Mom Turns Passion for Organic Food Into a Thriving Business

1Tisica-at-farmOld World Organics

Tiscia Bonanno, a former account manager for a large communications company, left her career to stay at home and raise her triplets—three boys. Life was, needless to say, very busy, but Tiscia enjoyed every minute of it. She never really thought too much about what she fed her family other than to be sure it was healthy. Her definition of “healthy” would change drastically over the years, starting when her mom become ill.

Lottie’s Kitchen – A Circle of Giving

daughtersOnce upon a time there was a family. It consisted of thousands of people. At times they received. At times they gave. And always did they feel connected.

Estreia: A Big City Dining Experience Close to Home

072_MADISONShlomo Green is a quintessential restaurateur, with eyes that light up when discussing his passion: creating an exceptionally fine dining experience. Our conversation took place within Estreia’s stylish setting. The room is decorated in rich copper, fine linens and lustrous marbles, creating a sophisticated, modern atmosphere. Sitting in front of a delicious dish of crispy pulled beef spring rolls, served with cucumber mango relish, we discussed the signature style and gourmet cuisine that represents Estreia.

Sitting On Top of the World

Sitting On Top Of The World

Sitting On Top Of The World

When author Steve Richards heard Kurt Walker’s life story, he was intrigued. He told Kurt’s story to friends and relatives and was eventually encouraged to write a book about Kurt’s life.

How To Choose and Apply Foundation

foundationI have noticed that many women wear the wrong color foundation and others choose not to wear foundation at all. When women come to me to buy makeup, a good majority of them are not wearing any foundation at all. When questioned, they tell me that they don’t like a caked on look or that they don’t want to clog their pores.

Ahi Ezer Yeshiva’s Unforgettable 8th Grade Graduation Trip

The World War II Memorial

The World War II Memorial

The eighth graders of Ahi Ezer Yeshiva were recently treated to an unforgettable graduation trip to Washington DC. Their first stop was the Herr’s factory, where they took a tour and learned how all Herr’s items are produced. Afterwards, the girls bought souvenirs at the gift shop and ate a delicious lunch on the bus.

Five Star Kosher Tours

fiveSpend Passover In the Bahamas

Spending Passover in the Bahamas, with Five Star Kosher Tours, is a  wonderful experience. Passover at home can be exhausting, between the cleaning, shopping and cooking, there’s rarely any time to relax and enjoy—which makes staying at the stunning Melia at Nassau Beach Resort & Casino that much better. The staff does the cleaning and cooking; the guests spend quality time with their famlies relaxing on the beach and basking in the sunshine. The evening entertainment is always fabulous. This past Passover, guests were treated to Yoel Sharabi in concert, a hilarious comedian, circus acts and karaoke.

The 30th Annual ALEH Foundation Awards Dinner

Dr. Staffenberg with his supporters and his plaque

Dr. Staffenberg with his supporters and his plaque

An elite group of civic, business and medical leaders gathered at the Museum of Jewish Heritage to celebrate 30 years of service to disabled children in Israel and to pay tribute to Aleh Foundation’s honorees and supporters. Gavriel Sanders, a noted TV and radio broadcaster, was the Master of Ceremonies.